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More about us

Educational Focus
Grandfather Academy has been established to meet the educational needs primarily of two groups of children: those children who have been placed at Grandfather Home for Children and children from the local area who need this specialized education. The children at Grandfather Home have become estranged from their families by emotional, sexual or physical abuse. One result of the abuse is that they are not able to function appropriately in a typical public school. Each child will have an Individual Education Plan (IEPs for Special Education students and IEGs for all other students). These will take into account the child’s strengths and weaknesses with the educational program focusing on improving skills. Grandfather Academy students will be grouped with the same peers in their treatment group; others will be placed in the group appropriate for his/her needs. The Academy will focus not only on helping students make satisfactory educational progress but will also help them become prepared to function in a public school. The students of Grandfather Academy need to have the best possible educational experiences to help them overcome past traumas and be successful in their lives. A charter school designed to meet the needs of these children and others with similar adjustment problems offers the best hope for their future.

Instructional Program
The school calendar of Grandfather Academy will include 210 instructional days each academic year. The instructional program is designed to facilitate learning for each individual student to their maximum abilities. All instructors use various curriculum design and methods to best accomplish the learning needs of the individuals. All classrooms are self-contained. Ages and levels of academic achievement will vary in each classroom. Each child’s IEP (Special Education) or IEG will define his/her academic needs. From this plan the teacher in concert with therapeutic staff will work to nurture and stimulate the child’s interest in learning. The use of current educational materials, computer learning and enhancement experiences within the North Carolina Standard Course of Study are part of the model of learning at Grandfather Academy.

Admission Policies & Procedures
-The school will not discriminate against any student on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, or disability.
-The school will admit students in the local LEA who have the needs that can be met and provided by the Academy.
-A screening process will be in effect to insure that applicants to the Academy have an assessed need for the special services and therapeutic program that are integrated parts of daily classroom activities.
-If more students apply and qualify for the program than the school can accommodate, a fair and equitable system of selection will be implemented.
-When possible, preference will be given to children who are in out-of-home placement.
-Overflow applicants will be selected on the basis of need, and then by lottery.